Rosacea Treatments in Crofton

Rosacea and acne are physical problems, but many sufferers know the conditions can take an emotional toll as well.

Feeling self-conscious, having low self-esteem and wanting to stay away from social situations are just some of the psychological problems that these skin conditions can bring.

But there are treatments available to fight rosacea and acne that will allow you to look better, feel better and once again enjoy life without worrying about your appearance.

At Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center in Gambrills, Md., we offer a variety of treatments to reduce the visible signs of rosacea and acne. Contact our office at the Village at Waugh Chapel today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our professional team.

There are four main types of rosacea, and Effective MedSpa can help you determine which is affecting you and what can be done to improve your condition.

Here are the symptoms for different types of rosacea:

  • Redness of the face, flushing and visible blood vessels. People with this type of rosacea, known as ETR, often have very sensitive skin.
  • Acne breakouts: This type of rosacea is very similar to acne, and skin becomes very red. Breakouts may come and go, and your skin typically is very oily. Your skin also is very sensitive, with occasional burning and stinging sensations. Middle-aged women are more likely to suffer from this condition.
  • Thickening skin: This is a rare form of rosacea that many contract after initially suffering from other types of rosacea. Your skin will actually become thicker and this condition is usually present on the nose. Your skin also may become thicker on your forehead, chin, cheeks and ears. Broken blood vessels become visible, pores enlarge and skin becomes oily.
  • The eyes: Your eyes may appear watery or bloodshot and they may feel gritty, like you have sand caught in your eyes. Other symptoms are burning or stinging feelings in the eyes, which also may feel dry, itchy and sensitive to light. Your vision may worsen.

Rosacea is a chronic disease, and it can harm your quality of life. Sufferers have said their rosacea has led to problems at work, in their relationships and with their ability to get out and meet people.

Surveys have revealed that 41 percent of rosacea sufferers avoid going out in public and cancel social events because of their condition.

Surveys also found 70 percent of those with rosacea reported that it reduced their self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression and anxiety also can occur.

Now the good news.

Treatments are available at Effective MedSpa that can reduce rosacea and allow you to once again enjoy life to the fullest.

At Effective MedSpa, we work individually with patients to design treatment plans that are specific to their conditions and needs.

There is no cure for rosacea, but there are ways to treat the condition and keep it under control.

At Effective MedSpa, our staff will teach you about the various rosacea and acne triggers that you should avoid. We also will help you develop a skin care regimen to keep your skin looking its best after treatment.

Don’t let rosacea and acne keep you down in the dumps. Contact Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center to start down the road to a better, healthier and enjoyable life without the worry caused by these conditions.

Contact Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center for a consultation today.

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