Photo Rejuvenation with Skin Tightening in Crofton

If you have been searching for the best way to achieve fresher, softer and better-looking skin, laser photorejuvenation, also known as skin tightening, may be the procedure for you.

In Gambrills, Md., Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center offers Aerolase laser treatments that will restore and rejuvenate skin and give you the more youthful look you’ve been searching for. To learn more about photorejuvenation, and whether you are a candidate for the treatment, contact Effective MedSpa today to schedule an appointment.

We are located in the Village at Waugh Chapel, where our professional and friendly team will consult with you to select the best treatment. We are ready to work with you, and we won’t hard-sell a treatment you don’t need.

Photorejuvenation has grown in popularity in recent years as clients rave about the softer, fresher and more beautiful skin they gain – without side effects.

How Does It Work?

Laser photorejuvenation employs a unique process that targets and heats collagen located in the upper dermis. This takes place while the epidermis is protected, and new collagen formations are promoted.

The end result is that your complexion will be clearer, fresher and brighter. Puffiness under your eyes will recede. Many clients want to improve facial skin quality, but do not want to undergo plastic surgery, which can be costly and can come with significant recovery time.

With photorejuvenation, laser treatments employ light chemical peels that help you achieve the look you want – without going under the knife.

How Long Do Treatments Last?

The number of sessions required varies from person to person. Because everyone is unique, our staff at Effective MedSpa will consult with you to develop a plan that includes the number of sessions you will need to achieve the results you want.

Will I Need Anesthesia?

Sedation is not used during laser photorejuvenation. To keep any discomfort to a minimum, we may apply cool air on the area being treated.

Will I Need To Stay Overnight?

No. Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis.

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

You may see swelling or a bit of redness on treated areas, but this typically goes away in a few hours. Some people may see temporary changes in pigmentation. Others may experience blistering, peeling or scabbing.

What Are The Risks?

All cosmetic procedures come with some risk. Right after your treatment, your skin will be sensitive to sunlight. You will have to use sunscreen to protect your skin – which is a good habit to get into whether you are having this procedure or not.

What Is Recovery Like?

You should be back to normal and be able to resume activity within two or three hours. A few days after treatment, you may see some shedding on the treated area.

How Long Do Results Last?

Most people feel and see a difference in their skin after the initial treatment. The best results appear after your series of treatments is complete.

Aerolase provides medical and spa professionals with versatile, safe and effective tools for their practices to offer their patients the best technology available.

Aerolase provides patients with non-invasive and pain free treatments for more than 30 skin conditions. Aerolase is a solid option for use on all skin types, whether it be light, tan or dark.

Aerolase lasers promote the reduction of skin imperfections in a safe and effective manner.

If your skin is making you feel older than you are, and you want your inner beauty and self-confidence to blossom for all to see, consider Aerolase treatments from Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center.

We are ready to help you achieve the younger and fresher look you want. Contact us today to begin the process of rejuvenating your look!

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