Anigioma and Cherry Hemangioma Treatment in Crofton

Many of us will see cherry red spots appear on our bodies as we get older. Most often, these are no cause for concern. But many people find them unattractive and want them reduced.

These spots are called angiomas or cherry hemangiomas in some cases. At Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center in Gambrills, Md., we offer Aerolase laser procedures that are designed to reduce these unwanted spots safely, quickly and effectively. Typically patients report experiencing little to mild discomfort.

To learn more about angioma reduction, contact Effective MedSpa today. We are conveniently located in the Village at Waugh Chapel in Gambrills. Stop in for a visit if you are in the area.

What is an Angioma?

Angiomas are growths on the skin that are made up of blood vessels. They are benign, non-cancerous masses. Treatment is not required, but these growths can be unsightly and many people prefer to have them minimized.

There are different types of angiomas, and some have different names. Angiomas can form anywhere on your body. Many form as we get older. Some form during a woman’s pregnancy. Others occur in children as birthmarks, but usually fade away as they get older.

Laser therapy can be used for treatment.

Hemangiomas usually appear when a child is born, or soon after. These lesions contain blood or lymph vessels and can appear frightening to parents. But there is usually no cause for alarm.

Hemangiomas can grow quickly, but usually disappear over time. They most often show up on the face and neck, and also can be treated with laser therapy if needed.

Many people use the term cherry angioma. These too are benign skin growths composed of blood vessels.


Cherry angiomas are common skin growths. They vary in size and can pop up anywhere on the body, but most develop on the trunk.

Cherry angiomas are most common in people over age 30. The exact cause of angiomas is unknown, but they appear to be genetic and are more likely to appear if others in your family have had them as well.


A cherry angioma appears:

  • Bright cherry-red
  • Quite small. They can be the size of a pinhead, or up to one-quarter inch in diameter.
  • Smooth. They also can stick out from the skin

Health care professionals can examine your growth to determine if it’s an angioma. Additional tests may be necessary and biopsies may be performed to ensure any growth is not cancerous.

Again, you don’t have to treat your cherry angioma. But if you dislike its appearance and want it minimized, the professional team at Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center is ready to help.

Prior to light-based and laser therapy, angiomas often were surgically reduced. This approach often led to bleeding and scarring. But those days are gone!

Laser techniques used at Effective MedSpa offer gentle and effective treatment. The combination of gentle pulse and high power superheats and reduces vasculature that promotes growth of the lesions.

So if you want unsightly angiomas reduced, don’t be afraid to seek treatment.

Contact Effective MedSpa & Wellness Center for a consultation today.

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