Laser Hair Removal in Crofton

Reduce the Need to Shave and Wax!

Are you tired of spending hours a week on shaving, waxing, and/or plucking unwanted body hair? At Effective Medspa & Wellness Center, we offer different types of laser hair reduction treatments. By utilizing lasers, we can help eliminate existing hair follicles so new hair growth will not occur from said follicles.

Laser hair reduction can reduce hair from various areas of a person’s body, such as:

  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Chest
  • Bikini area
  • Face

One type of laser hair reduction treatment our staff often recommends is the Clarity™ Laser Hair Removal treatment. This type of treatment has been cleared by the FDA for hair reduction and features dual wavelengths designed to treat the complete spectrum of skin types and hair colors. To schedule a laser hair reduction appointment, contact our Gambrills medspa at (410) 721-7776 now.

Clarity™ Laser Hair Removal

performing laser hair removal

When it comes to unwanted body hair, many men and women resort to shaving, plucking and waxing to recduce it. These methods are not only time-consuming and tedious, they can also irritate the skin and cause painful ingrown hairs.

At Effective MedSpa and Wellness Center, our laser hair reduction with the Clarity™ laser is an excellent solution to unwanted body hair. Contact us today at our location in Gambrills, Maryland to schedule a consultation with our medical team and achieve smooth legs without the hassle.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Utilizing non-surgical, non-invasive laser technology, laser hair reduction is the safest and most effective method for minimizing body hair. It is the most sought-after laser treatment and is currently in its second decade of popularity.

Hair grows in three stages: Growing, Resting, & Shedding. This allows the laser to target hair at various stages of growth, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin. During laser hair reduction, a beam of controlled light is emitted from the Clarity™ laser, penetrating the skin surface. The light is attracted to the pigment of the body hair, and is absorbed by the hair shaft. The laser is then converted to heat, disabling the follicle and inhibiting future hair growth.

Laser hair reduction can safely and effectively treat several areas on the body, including the:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Bikini areas

The Lutronic® Clarity™ Laser

At Effective MedSpa and Wellness Center, we utilize the Clarity™ laser, which has been cleared by the FDA for hair reduction. While most lasers work most effectively on light-skinned individuals with dark, coarse hair, the Clarity™ features dual wavelengths that treat the full spectrum of skin types and hair colors.

While men and women with tan and dark skin types often have to worry about pigmentation issues and adverse effects with other lasers, the Clarity™ is specially designed to significantly reduce this risk.

before and after hair removal

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Some clients describe the feeling of the treatment as a “rubber band snapping the skin” but the feeling goes away almost immediately. The skin is protected during treatment by a Cryogen spray used to cool the upper layer of the skin providing increased comfort. Laser is not as painful as electrolysis or waxing

Is the Hair Removed Permanently?

While hair follicles are disabled and hair regrowth is prevented during laser hair reduction, the follicles in a given area are often in different growth cycles. Multiple sessions may be necessary in order to effectively disable the hair follicles.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of laser hair reduction. For men who do not wish to have all of their body hair reduced, the Clarity™ can also effectively thin out areas such as the male chest and back.

During your consultation with our medical team, a treatment plan will be created for you based on the area you would like treated and your individual specifications. Although results may be noticed after your first session, optimal results will be achieved once your treatment plan is complete.

Is this Laser Safe for All Skin Colors?

CLARITY laser hair reduction has two distinct lasers: one for lighter skin, and one for darker skin. No matter how dark the skin, CLARITY laser hair is considered the gold standard for treating unwanted hair on darker skin types. The laser’s longer wavelength safely bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft, minimizing the unwanted hair follicle.

Is there any hair that does not respond to laser hair reduction?

Gray, Blonde, and red are untreatable because the laser is attracted to pigment in the follicle.

How many sessions will I need?

It usually takes 5-9 treatments spaced 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on how much hair you have and how thick it is. The hair becomes lighter and finer with each treatment. And you will notice patchy spots where the hair is gone.

Are There Any Side Effects?

After laser hair reduction treatment, the sun may appear red akin to a sunburn, but this is temporary and should subside within 24-48 hours. Other side effects, such as blistering, are rare. Our medical team at Effective MedSpa and Wellness Center is highly trained in laser hair reduction and will treat your skin accurately and carefully.

How much does the treatment cost?

We offer a complimentary consultation so we can provide an exact price quote based on the areas being treated. Prices can range from $75-$449 a treatment.

How should I prepare for my laser hair reduction?

No waxing or plucking the hair being treated. You must stay out of the sun and avoid tanning, this includes artificial tanning products and tanning beds. If you have a history of cold sores, viral infection or herpes, you should take an anti-viral medication 3 days prior to treatment. If you don’t have a prescription, we recommend you contact your PCP. We also recommend that you do not use any Retin-A, Renova, Retintol, Tazorac, Tretinoin, Glycolic, Alpha-hydroxy, and skin lightening products 1 week prior to your laser hair treatment in the area being treated. On the day of your treatment, you should gently wash the area being treated and do not apply any products or make-up to this area such as lotion, deodorant, powers, & perfumes. You also want to shave with a clean, new razor prior to your treatment the areas you want to reduce hair and wear loose comfortable clothing.

What should I do after my laser hair reduction?

After your laser hair reduction treatment, you want to be gentle with the area that was treated. That means no scratching or picking at your skin. If you must take a shower, do not use hot water on the treated areas immediately following the treatment. So swelling, redness and tenderness are all normal side effects and any discomfort should subside after 6 hours. You may take Tylenol if you choose and use a cold compress, as needed. Avoiding sun exposure and using a broad-spectrum sun block with a SPF 30 or higher on the treatment area. Treated hair will exfoliate or push out in about 2 to 3 weeks and may appear darker and thicker before falling out. Do not have for a minimum of 3 days’ post treatment; remember no waxing or plucking. Also, try to avoid swimming, sports, and strenuous exercise for two to three days following your treatment.

Contact Effective MedSpa and Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation and find out how laser hair reduction can help you look and feel better.


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