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Be-Thin combines lipotropic and amino acids with a supercharged vitamin combination and it is fortified with African Mango, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones.

Extreme Lipoden Fat Loss Injections : has more ingredients in it to enhance weight loss and is specifically formulated to give a large boost to any weight loss regimen.

Prothin 7-One-A-Day Program Diet Program is intended to achieve active weight loss for a period of 12-14 weeks and to help lose 20 - 40 pounds safely during this time period.

Benefits of supplementing with Be-Thin

  1. Optimizes metabolism function
  2. Promotes heart and cardiovascular health
  3. Promotes a healthier body weight and lean muscle mass
  4. Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
  5. Increases body energy, reduces fatigue and sleepiness
  6. Increases mental alertness
  7. Increases endurance
  8. Reduces muscle soreness associated with post-exercise
  9. Improves quality of sleep at night when taken during the day
  10. Non-stimulant, NO Sugar

Benefits of Lipoden Extreme Injections can lead to faster weight loss. Coupled with diet and exercise, these injections can amplify anyone’s workout regimen.

Lipoden Extreme Injections Contain:

  • CHROMIUM PICOLINATE helps you lose weight by reducing sugar and carbohydrate cravings and suppressing the appetite.
  • CHOLINE helps break down fats in the liver and lowers cholesterol deposits.
  • VITAMIN B5 participates in metabolizing of carbs, fats, and proteins.
  • VITAMIN B6 helps in the body's metabolic process.
  • VITAMIN B12 aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats, playing an important role in proper energy metabolism and immune function
  • INOSITOL helps break down fats in the liver, aids in the metabolism of fats, contributes to boosting the immune system, and helps reduce blood cholesterol.
  • L- CARNITINE helps you burn fat and lose weight.

The Prothin Diet Program is a 12 to 14-week program designed to help patients safely lose 20 to 40 lbs.

Prothin Diet Program One-A-Day packets are simple and easy to do. These packets are designed to aid in correcting the metabolic faults, which are typical of obesity. This special formula reduces hunger and food cravings by improving carbohydrates and fat metabolism to increase feelings of energy and well-being.

The Prothin Diet also supplies potassium and magnesium plus associated nutrients to help improve the metabolic response. Chromium has been included to improve insulin response. Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and L-phenylalanine are included to provide nutritional substrates for thyroid and adrenal hormones. L-phenylalanine also serves as an appetite suppressant and serotonin enhancer. Bulking and energizing ingredients are included to speed up sluggish metabolisms, elevate mood and create the feeling of satiety at meals.

NE Enhancer
L-Phenylalanine 300 mg., Vitamin C 100 mg
Vitamin B-6 HCL 25 mg., Pantothenic Acid 50 mg.

  • L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that turns into a neurotransmitter between the nerve cells and the brain. These neurotransmitters provide feelings of joy, ambition, alertness, sexual interest and can reduce hunger.
  • Vitamin B6 aids as a natural diuretic, mood stabilizer, metabolizes carbohydrates and fat. It is a stress fighter and prevents water build up in the tissue. B-6 helps maintain the balance of sodium and potassium which regulate body fluids.
  • Vitamin C maintains the protein collagen, helps heal wounds, gives strength to blood vessels and it is an antioxidant.
  • Pantothenic Acid (B5) is the essential part of coenzyme A which is required for cellular metabolism. It releases energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. As a coenzyme, it helps in the utilization of other vitamins. It also can improve the body's ability to withstand stressful conditions and aids in the prevention of premature aging, wrinkles, and borderline hypoglycemia.

Curb Appetite-Create Sense of Fullness
CMC 7 Hf Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 500 mg., Vitamin A (Acetate) 5000 IU, Vitamin D (Ergoc) 400 IU Thiamine HCL 1.0 mg.. Riboflavin 1.2 mg.. Vitamin C 60 mg., Niacinamide 20 mg. Iron (Fumerate) I S mg., Phosphorus 45 mg., Calcium 87 mg.. Chromium(polynicotinate) 300 mcg. In a base of 72 trace minerals

A weight loss aid that contains vitamins. minerals and a bulking agent to create a feeling of fullness and help curb the appetite. Chromium, an essential trace mineral, has been added to this combination to aid in the metabolism of sugar and other carbohydrates.

Calcium Carbonate 1000 mg
Magnesium Oxide 500 mg in a base of 72 Trace minerals

  • Calcium Carbonate contains the greatest amounts of calcium and is more easily absorbed when taken with a meal. Suggested benefits, from the recent documentation, of calcium are healthy bones and teeth, fetus development, heart function, Osteoporosis, blood clotting, nerve transmission and a cofactor in cellular energy production.
  • Magnesium Oxide is an essential macromineral that increases the effectiveness of calcium, yet on its own is a catalyst for food metabolism and the release of energy. It is also a cofactor in the formation of RNA/DNA, enzyme activation, and nerve function.

Korean Ginseng 100 mg., Guarana Extract 500 mg.
Potassium Gluconate 500 mg., Bee Pollen 100 mg.
Niacin 20 mg., B-12 (Cobalamin) 100 mcg
Folic Acid 50 mcg., Vitamin C 50 mg

  • Korean Ginseng rejuvenates, restores vigor, soothes intestinal tract, and it is a blood purifier.
  • Guarana gives high energy and elevates moods.
  • Potassium Gluconate helps regulate water balance in the body.
  • Bee Pollen is a natural source of energy, is considered a complete energy food.
  • Niacin, part of B-Complex vitamins, assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Vitamin Bl2 is essential for longevity, metabolizes fats, carbohydrates, and protein. It is the only vitamin that contains minerals.
  • Folic acid also assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Vitamin C helps heal wounds, scar tissue and fractures gives strength to blood vessels and resistance to infection.

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