Blast Fat With My Favorite HIIT Exercises

Are you bored at the gym?? Are you tired of the same old boring cardio machines but want a killer FAT blasting workout! Check out a quick HIIT workout I've put together and burn fat all day long! I've also included a bonus video, where I show you an intense stairs workout you can do anywhere!

Exercise Break Down - Each exercise you will do for one minute - 30 second rest in between. Repeat 2 times.

  1. Burbie Ninja
  2. Superman
  3. Fast Feet
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Standing Mountain Climbers
  6. Slam Ball
  7. Side to Side Touch with Ball
  8. Side lunge hop - hit ball inbetween
  9. Crab Kicks
  10. Kick through - 3 x's then Twist toe touch 3 x's - Right
  11. Kick through - 3 x's then Twist toe touch 3 x's - Left
  12. Squat Jump

Bonus Stairs Video

Checkout my bonus stairs video that you can do anywhere. No gym, No problem. :)

Intense Stair Workout Breakdown - Repeat 10 times

  1. Every step
  2. Everyother step
  3. Side-to-side Right
  4. Side-to-side Left
  5. Toe Touch 10x's
  6. Mountain Climbers 10x's
  7. Hop up every 2 - 3 steps
  8. Bonus: hop over hand rail 5 times.
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