Before you start a laser hair treatment, you must read this!

You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal if You...

  • Suffer from ingrown hairs caused by shaving that make you feel embarrassed at the beach, pool, gym or in your romantic life?

  • Shave in the morning, and by the evening you have a 5 o'clock shadow?

  • Resent the time it takes to shave daily because of your busy lifestyle?

  • Embarrassed by hair growing in unwanted areas?

  • Experiencing an overgrowth of hair that is unruly, thick and hard to deal with?

The Science Behind The Procedure

Hair contains a pigment called melanin. The hair removal laser uses light that converts into heat and is absorbed by the hair which is then transferred to the follicle to destroy it permanently. All laser hair removal treatment is best for hair that is dark and thick; not blonde, red, or gray.

Revolutionary Technology

Utilizing non-surgical, non-invasive laser technology, laser hair reduction is the safest and most efficient method for minimizing body hair. It is the most sought-after laser treatment and is currently in its second decade of popularity.

Effective Medspa utilizes the FDA approved revolutionary, Lutronic® Clarity™ Laser. While most lasers work most effectively on light-skinned individuals with dark, coarse hair, the Clarity™ features dual wavelengths that treat the full spectrum of skin types and hair colors.While men and women with tan and dark skin types often have to worry about pigmentation issues and adverse effects with other lasers, the Clarity™ is specially designed to reduce this risk significantly.

Determining Your Skin Type

The Fitzpatrick skin type chart is a skin classification scale between 1-6 based on genetic disposition and reaction to sun exposure. This classification will determine which laser wavelength would be the safest for your customized treatment. The length of the beam of light determines how far into the skin the laser penetrates.

Two wave-lengths:

Alexandrite: emits a red beam of light that is 755 mm long. Alexandrite is considered best for very light skin and most effective with the fine, thin hairs that many of the other types of lasers can’t eliminate.

ND: Yag: emits a beam of light that is 1064 nm. ND: YAG is the best treatment option for darker skin types because the extra length of the laser beam will penetrate the hair follicles without affecting the skin pigment as much.

How many treatments will I need?

Hair grows in two cycles - 1) Growth phase & 2) Resting phase

You can only treat the hair which is in the growth phase, and not all of your hair goes through the growth phase at the same time; you will need several treatments to treat all of the hair during the growth phase

About 30 - 40% of your hair will be in the resting phase which is why you must stay consistent with your treatment, and a series is necessary.

An average of 7-9 treatment are typically needed

Some things are taken into consideration when determining treatment options:

  • Body site

  • Hair thickness

  • Hormonal state

  • Ethnic origin

What would be my financial responsibility?

  • X-small area: $75 treatment

  • Small area: $99 treatment

  • Medium area: $125 treatment

  • Large area: $199 treatment

  • X-large area: $299 treatment

Specialty Area:

  • Brazilian: $250 treatment

  • Full Back: $399 treatment

  • Full legs: $449 treatment

What do I need to do before treatment?

  • No tanning for four weeks

  • No plucking, waxing, threading - or anything that would remove the hair follicle four weeks prior.

  • No Accutane for six months prior (acne medication)

  • If you have a history of Herpes Simplex or cold sores you want to pre-treat for two days prior.

  • No self-tanning two weeks before treatment.

  • The day before, shave the treatment area with a clean razor to avoid bacteria.

  • Day of treatment, shower and do not apply oil, lotion, deodorant, perfume, or makeup.

The Consultation

  • Go over health history

  • Discuss any medications - certain medications can cause photosensitivity

  • Expectations

  • Treatment plan

The Treatment

  • Put on a provided robe & sheet

  • Protective glasses will be given to protect your eyes from the laser

  • The area to be treated is cleaned by the provider

  • Laser treatment begins

  • Patient will feel warm bursts of laser energy, but our laser uses a cooling spray during the laser treatment

  • The procedure is quick; larger laser spot sizes can be used to treat a larger area quickly effectively and with less risk of missing hair follicles.

  • After the treatment - soothing aloe will be applied to calm the treatment area.


  • Might be slightly red in the treatment area, this should resolve in a few hours.

  • No exercise for 12 hours and until redness subsides.

  • No saunas, hot tubs, or hot showers for a minimum of 12 hours and until redness subsides.

  • No sun or tanning bed exposure, protect the treatment area with broad spectrum sunscreen 30 or higher and keep covered.

  • Be gentle - stay away from exfoliant for seven days. This includes glycolic and salicylic.

  • No shaving treatment areas for seven days.

  • Gently exfoliate the treatment area with a washcloth after seven days to prevent the “shedding” hair from getting stuck in the pore.

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